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Name: Natalia Unknown
Member since: Jan 06, 2004 4119 days old
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About: I collect (for personal interest and love, not profit) old photos, firstly of families, especially large families, and secondarily of children, groups of siblings, etc. I am also very interested in family histories. I want to share some of the pictures that I have that have names to them, in the hopes they might fill in some missing pieces for unknown family researchers.
Surnames: Wilson, Barnes, Ord, Giesbrecht, Loewen

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Edward Issacks Family Apr 09, 2010
I posted this photo on my blog and had a comment from an "MI" about it that said that this photo "is of my grandparents. The boy and girl seated are my dad (Merle) and his twin sister (Pearl)....
Rathbone Adoption Nov 21, 2009
I wish you the best in your search! I have no information, but wanted to mention that you didn't say a date or year for the adoption. It may help if you added that. Best wishes!
Living By Grace Jul 27, 2009
What a wonderful, fascinating story! I'm so glad you shared it!
baby Erma Peel Jul 25, 2009
I replied to Cassie privately.
Update: Bitahvn, the seller did not have any more info on the location, so we are still guessing. Ritastory, I am guessing on the dates, thanks for the comment. I checked the original photo and...
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