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About: Looking for members of the following families: Herder, Van Hoozer, Beer, Bayer, Beckett, Wantz, Kinnamon, Hendrix, Hazlett, King, Rickerson.

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Look for Ostrander living in Owl Creek township of Woodson County, Kansas in 1870-1920 period.
Great stories, rb!! And, great writing style. I owe a gentleman from Columbia, Missouri by the name of Bass. He was kind enough to allow me to trap muskrats & mink on his property while I...
You indicate: "Prohibition certainly failed...." No, it did not. It was not 100% successful, but what law is? Is the law(s) against murder 100% successful? Even if they are not, do we eliminate...
I Heard Uncle Art Sing Jan 25, 2010
Oh! Those die-hard union members of long ago. I worked with many of them. They were strident in their belief. Now, all of those types of jobs have left the country and those union jobs no longer...
Hard Life Had by All May 12, 2007
Very interesting and well written story. I'll bet you can think of another interesting tale. How about it?
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