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Thornton Family Jun 14, 2004
Where were the Thornton brothers from, I have a Thornton line in Virginia, they came from Thornton,England, Pat Trussell Mann Greenwood, SC email
Vietnam Jun 14, 2004
Could the first man on the back row be Turner Trussell? or a son of Turner. looks like his photo. Pat Trussell Mann Greenwood, SC
Trussell Family Jun 14, 2004
So who is the father of this Trussell, and what area did they live. Pat Trussell Mann Greenwood, SC email
William Riley Jones Jun 14, 2004
I he from Greenwood County, South Carolina? I was just reading in my Gaines this weekend and say a Jones Family with one or more sons killed in a war, and there is a Jones Community below...