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About: Researching the names Brashear and Dobbs in Kentucky and Missouri. Student of the history of destroyers of the US Navy.
Surnames: Dobbs, Brashear

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The man in the picture is Tom Starr, Jr.
battle ship in harbor Oct 14, 2009
I believe this is the bow of either the USS Pennsylvania or USS Arizona in the Panama Canal. Not enough detail is shown to tell which one. Both ships transited the Canal for the first time in 1921....
unknown soldier Dec 26, 2005
The soldier appears to have a round patch on his left sleeve near the cuff. That could identify him as being an aviation cadet or civilian flight instructor. Jerry
USS Waters Dec 12, 2005
Judging by the open bridge and the foredeck gun visible at the extreme right, the ship in this photo appears to be either a "Smith" or "Paulding" class destroyer. In either event, it is definitely...