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About: My name is Brandy Libby. I am the daughter of Gerald Joseph Libby and Lorraine Patricia LaPrise(LaPrice). My fathers parents were Albernie E. Libby(Albernie's parents-(Edward Libby & Louise Bellows) and Albertha H. LaCroix(Albertha's parents-Albert Peter LaCroix & Elmina Gosselin)(Elmina's parents-Francois Xavier Gosselin & Marie or Mary Roy *possibly Canadian Indian)(Francois parents-Alexis Gosselin and Angelique Roy). My mothers parents were Napoleon LaPrise(LaPrice)(Napoleon's parents-Louis LaPrise & Lydia or Leda Garrant) and Yvonne Adrian LaPlante (Yvonne's parent- Joseph LaPlante & Emerentienne Bolduc). I know that they all lived in Waterville Maine and later moved to Southern California. I do know that my great-great grandparents were from Quebec Canada & the LaCroix/Gosselin came from Piopolis, Lac Megantic Co. Canada. If anyone is related, has information or photos, please e-mail me at [contact link]. Thank you & God Bless!! Brandy Libby
Surnames: Roy, Bellows, Laplante, Bolduc, Gosselin, Libby, Lacroix, LaPrise, Garrant

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