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Name: Beverly Heckford
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About: How very strange life can be! I had just made a list of ironic occasions to expand upon for posterity, that we have experienced in our life and had it open on my desktop when I received a friend’s email about [external link]. My first glance at the top left caught the name of dear friends! Bruner! I couldn’t believe it until I checked the site further. It is them! Bill’s son William, (we call him Will) is one of my oldest son John’s three best friends. He is the one who submitted to the site. The beginning of my ironic list: 1) The stranger we had just allowed into our home so that he could take the bath for which he asked, was the face I saw on my next trip to the post office on a Most Wanted poster – wanted for killing people. 2) Why I was a friend of Orpha Wall, daughter of Ecuador’s President Velasco Ibarra. 3) I was suspicious of the two men in control of a thumb sucking girl in misfitting clothes. I saw them in Midland, Texas where she was sitting across from her own missing child poster which number on it I used to report where she was.
Surnames: Hopkins, To contact Will Bruner, Heckford

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