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Seward Chardavoyne Nov 16, 2008
This is a well-known photo in our family. Seward Reeve Chardavoyne, my father, was born 25 June, 1922, in Goshen, NY. In this picture he is only a few months old.
These are my grandparents. Fred was born 12 October, 1889; Etta was born 1 August 1886.
Chardavoyne Family Nov 16, 2008
Fulton and Nettie were married in 1887 in Florida, NY. Fred was born in 1889 and Ralph in September 1904. So the date is probably the summer or autumn of 1905
Fred and Etta Nov 16, 2008
Frederick Seward Chardavoyne (1889-1972) married Etta Louise Reeve (d 1972) in 1910. They were my grandparents and lived in Middletown, NY.
Fulton Chardavoyne Nov 16, 2008
Fulton Chardavoyne (1858-1949) was my great grandfather. He was born in Sussex, New Jersey, and lived most of his life in Orange County, New York.