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Bronislaw Maslinski Aug 08, 2012
The problem is so the photograph dates from my private harvests (!). There is an it elder brother of my dad on this photograph. He called Bronislaw Maslinski (b. 1923 in Poland). Bronisław spent...
Dionizy Maslinski was born in Parzeczew, Poland (in the ancient Russian annexed territory). Born in 10 June 1880 (according to the former Julian calendar - 29 May 1880). Dionizy was a son of Jan's...
The person from the photograph was my auntie, she warmly was friends with my grandmother. She peculiarly liked my dad. She didn't have own children, later she raised children of her husband.I...
Maslinski Family From Parzeczew (Poland, 1937). Helena and Zygmunt, Izabela, Jan, Bronislaw, Tadeusz, Janina, Zdzislaw, Jan and Konrad.