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Name: Laurie Short - Jarvis
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About: I am a 14th generation Short from Newbury, MA. Descended from the first settlers of Newbury. My Short pedigree is George Granville Short Jr (father), George Granville Short Sr, Charles Lewis Short, Samuel Sewall Short Jr, samuel Sewall Short Sr, Henry Short Sr, Moses Short, James Short, John Short, Henry M Short III, Henry M SHort II, Henry M Short I, William Shorte Jr, William Shorte Sr...Henry Short I & II arrived with family and halped to settle Newbury, MA 1635, My Shorts are from Totnes, England.
Surnames: Jarvis, Short, Cabral, Ellsworth, Sylvia, Hillyard, Peatfield

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Short Feb 16, 2014
Looking for Short Family who's ancestors originated from Newbury, MA first settlers of 1635 who came from Totnes, Devonshire England.
Mark and Wash Short Feb 16, 2014
I am descended from the Newbury, Massachusetts Short First Settlers (1635) I have been working on the family tree for 5 years or more. ALways looking for Shorts that originated from Newbury to...
This is my paternal great great grandmother. She was born in Newbury, MA
George Ann Short Dec 06, 2013
This Georgeann Short appears to have been born and raised in Oregon, her mother was a Smith and her father was robert Short from Ireland. I dont see any relationship to the Shorts of Newbury,...
She died before I was born in 1960, so my memories are my father's memories. He recalls her cooking and her pies. He remembered that she was absolutely petrified of spiders. She used to have a...