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Arthur B. or Wilbur B. Jun 18, 2012
This is likely Arthur Brannon, the son of Aunt Maggie Ferrell Brannon. He is the nephew of Aunt Delphia Ferrell Adkins and my great grandmother, Spicie Ferrell Bias.
Gladys Meade Shuff Jun 18, 2012
This is the wife of Nettie Ferrell Shuff's son, Robert Wetzel Shuff.
Clyde Arnold Diamond Jun 18, 2012
The Diamond siblings are the children of Myrtle Brannon Diamond, who was the daughter of Maggie Ferrell Brannon. Aunt Mag was a sister to Delphia & Spicie.
Peyton Boy Jun 18, 2012
Gene Peyton was the son of Jewell Johnson Peyton, daughter of Junie Bias Johnson, daughter of Spicie Ferrell Bias. Spicie was the sister of Delphia Ferrell Adkins.