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Name: Tammy Rainwater
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About: Looking for the following surnames. LaPorta, Peacock, Ragusa, Cantore, Rainwater, Boutchyard, DeFeo, Giliberti, Quaglio, Elmo. My father was adopted so LaPorta, DeFeo and Giliberti are my adoptive grandparents family surnames which I would like to add to my family tree. Trying to find out how to not they are adoptive. Rainwater, Peacock and Boutchyard are my husbands family surnames. Ragusa, Cantore, Quaglio are my bloodline surnames. Elmo and Serrani and Hamel are my father's biological family surnames.
Surnames: Rainwater, Peacock, Ragusa, Defeo, Laporta, Cantore, Boutchyard, Giliberti, Quaglio, Elmo, Serrani, Hamel

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