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About: I love to learn about my family history and how far my line goes back in history. It also is fun to see if any of my ancestors were royalty, or held an honorable place in history. My two main Surnames include HAWLEY and BANCROFT. Here are some of the names of the main branches of my tree up until the fourth generation. Allen, Anstead, Averill, Bateman, Berthold, Bishop, Camp, Conway, Conover, Crover, Damstadter, Fehl, Gragg, Hale, Hall, Hendryx, Heintz, Hise, Hoskyns, King, Koch, Kohlborn, Larkin, Luss, Martin, Merlau, McIvor, Miller, O'Toole, Parsons, Poringer, Reid, Robbins, Sillaway, Strockenfeldt, Templeton, Wagner, Whitney, Zimmerman, and Zittel. Wow and that's just up to the forth generation, and my tree online at [external link] goes up until at least the eight generations for most of my, oh what fun I am having!

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