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I was honerd to represent the unc,at the ceremonies of the victimes of terorisem in Paris
to the persones who wants to contact me i am i face book,hope mebers of fam in Russia maite see it,erlijman,molocsher,casoens litmanovitch,and caganovitch tank you
Land Howner David Molocsher Moloster on his horse and lands in Imperiall Russia
Painthing dedicated to the souvnir of the Molocsher Moloster fam,my father Monia Molocsher Moloster merid Denise Goldfarb in Paris France later imigrated to Israel
i hope that one day the grat nation of Russia will honerd the sacrefaies of my uncole Ilya for her,he was taken by force not by choise touday he his resting in peac in the cemeterie of Katrinsberg
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