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About: In Scripture, Prophet is one who speaks on behalf of another and, in most cases, one who speaks for God, who is the spokesman and representative. However, common usage does, prophet is, almost exclusively, one who foretells the future. But the prediction of future events is only part of the message of the prophet, and not always included. In the Old Testament, the prophet is called NABI term that can mean "that is called by God" and has a mandate to tell others about God. Also called a SEER, or who sees through divine revelation, sometimes in real visions and dreams, a message that conveys God and that in turn must transmit to others. In this broad sense, it may be said that the prophet is a person who has been called by God, whom God entrusted his message and I announced to others. GOODNESS OF GOD .. The ministry of faith, Prophet TERESA AQUINO


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