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Name: BrunonPaul Bielinski
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About: I was one of The Abandoned Overseas Children of American Servicemen (Forces Souvenir). My father was a dishonorable Captain in the US Medical Corps during World War 11. Born in Brisbane, Australia (1944).
Surnames: Bielinski

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Brunon Bielinski Jul 19, 2013
As he was married 3 times he could have been ex-communicated by the Roman Catholic Church.
Rita Emily Bielinski Jul 15, 2013
Rita changed her name by Deed Poll to give her son "a name" a couple of months before he was born. She had met a duplicitous Captain--Brunon Bielinski--a member of the US Army Medical Corps in...
Rita Emily Bielinski Jul 04, 2013
Rita at her 90th Birthday Party (2002)