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Any help IDing the other man in the photo Ruben is seated. You can tell he's a Cole, but he could be out of the Ferguson, VanDusen, Vanette, McArthur, McConnell, Delong, Dainard, ect. we don't know, we know he bares a striking resemblence to a son of Sarah Cole. But that man died in 1877.
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The man in the middle is Curtis Cole on both ends is Cole kin you can tell by looking at them to my great grandfather's right is another Cole I almost thought it was his brother Charlie at first but then I read the back and realized it wasn't if any one can ID them please do and I will forward the info to Paul so he can add the names to the photo.
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russell resembles his great uncle ruben even as a boy he looked like ruben.
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Rebecca Holmes The gentelman the man with Ruben Cole resembles Gilbert Fosdick, but it's not as based on the years they dont match. Ruben was born in 1865 and this man as you can see is younger than Ruben, Gilbert Fosdick had died 1877 at age 27 this pick was taken around 1900.
Apr 06, 2006 · posted to the photo Ruben Cole and Relative
Rebecca Holmes Yes the gentelman is a cole kinsman, who it is I don't know but hold on to it please, we have been finding pictures all over that are Cole from out of Mahala Cole Van Dusen's photos yet we wish they had names but back then they didn't.
Apr 05, 2006 · posted to the photo Possibly Cole family
Rebecca Holmes I can't view this one either
Apr 05, 2006 · posted to the photo charley cole and wife clara bell
Rebecca Holmes Please I'm getting responses but can't get the messages
Apr 05, 2006 · posted to the photo john cole