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Lydia Wilson Smith Westfall, widow of John H. Westfall. Lydia Wilson (1820-1907) first married Solomon P. Smith about 1838 and had five children. After the death of Smith, she married widower John H. Westfall (1806-1870) in Lewis County (West) Virginia in 1851. She was the mother of Nathaniel J. Westfall, my great grandfather and another son James, daughters Nancy, Lydia Ann and Mary Westfall. This picture was probably taken shortly before her death in 1907. She is buried in the Harrison Grove Cemetery on Murphys Creek in southern Lewis County, West Virginia. My grandmother Osa remembered her grandmother vividly and would tell me stories about the Westfalls that she heard from her grandmother Lydia. Half brothers William M. and Thomas Smith lived next door to Nathaniel Westfall and my grandmother grew up knowing them.
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My grandmother Osa and her sister Nina, who never married. Nina lived in the county home in Medina County, Ohio when she became disabled and had no immediate family to care for her.
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Osa Westfall and Her Jersey Cow: This is my grandmother Osa Westfall Corbett probably about 1912 just before the family removed to Ohio. She was the daughter of Nathaniel J. and Luvenia M. (Trowbridge) Westfall.
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Fayhma (left) and her cousin, (first name unknown) Taylor. The younger girl was the daughter of Peggy Taylor who was the third wife of Peter Westfall.
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Fayhma Iris Westfall Daughter of Nathaniel and Luvenia Westfall. This is a picture possessed by Bob Olivero, grandson of Fayhma. She was born in Lewis County, West Virginia in 1890 and died in Salem, Oregon in 1963. She married Thomas D. Allen in Akron, Ohio soon after the family came to Ohio in 1912.
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Nina and Fayhma were the daughters of Nathaniel Jonathan Westfall (1852-1912) and Luvenia Margaret Trowbridge (1863-1940). They were originally from Lewis County, West Virginia near Copely. This picture was taken after the family moved to Akron, Ohio in the 1920's, where Nathaniel died shortly after coming to Ohio.
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Ronald Wall Lydia's headstone was stolen from the Harrison Grove Cemetery by vandals and never recovered. She is buried next to her daughter Lydia Ann Westfall Markley under a large tree in the back of the cemetery. Also next to Lydia Ann is her husband Frank (Francis) Markley. Their graves are marked with headstones.
Jan 19, 2013 · posted to the photo Lydia (Wilson) Smith Westfall, West Virginia