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Sherry Roberson Thaddeus Sobieski Cady b. 15 Feb 1820 Stowe VT d. 16 Jun 1890 Gonzales TX m 26 Nov 1839 Sarah Siples (1819-1899) The Gonzales Inquirer Gonzales, Gonzales Co., Texas June 19, 1890 Bitten by a Rattlesnake. Tuesday morning Mr. Thaddeus CADY, an old gentleman about 70 years of age, accompanied by a little girl, went to the river bottom of Mr. S. S. BARBER to get a load of wood. While chopping wood he was bitten by a large rattlesnake on the calf of the leg. He killed the snake and cut off the rattles and gave them to the little girl and started to town. While going through a gate the wagon became fastened on a port and Mr. CADY in endeavoring to get out, fell to the ground overcome by the poison. The little girl ran to a house near by and secured assistance. Mr. CADY was brought to town in an unconscious condition and at 4:20 p.m. died from the effects of the bite. The snake had ten rattles. Mr. CADY was buried Wednesday evening. Several rattlesnakes had been killed previously in the bottom by men cutting wood. The fangs of the snake were driven through his pants and underclothing, and the wounds were about an inch and a half apart.
Sep 11, 2005 · posted to the surname Cady
Sherry Roberson b. 3 May 1750 Killingly CT d. Nov 1825 Waterbury, Washington Co, VT m. 28 Dec 1777 Hannah Marsh (b. 1751 d. Sep 1842) Enlisted in the Continental Army Sept 24 1777 and marched to join the Northern Army. Discharged 18 Oct 1777 His name appears on the muster & payroll of Capt Ebenezer Goodale's Co., Col. David Wells' Regt. He removed in 1778 from Shutesbury to Shelburne, Mass, where he purchased considerable real estate. On march 2 1790, he moved to Waterbury VT, where he cleared up a large farm of new land and soon opened the first tavern in town. He carried with him from Shelburne a number of young apple trees wherewith to start an orchard on his new home. He afterwards moved to another part of town and for many years was in charge of building roads and bridges. Per "Descendants of Edward Allen of Nantucket, Mass" E. Ancestors of Rhoda Cady: "Had service in the northern army in 1777; he settled in Waterbury, VT in 1790."
Sep 11, 2005 · posted to the surname Cady
Sherry Roberson b. 7 Oct 1783 Shelbourne, Franklin Co, MA d. 28 Oct 1876 Williston, VT m. 15 mar 1809 Elizabeth "Betsey" Austin (b. 7 dec 1786 d. 6 Sep 1874) Per "Desc. of Nicholas Cady" p. 250: Ira Cady had service in War of 1812. His business was that of a currier, tanner, shoemaker, and farmer. he began business in Stowe VT in 1807. He continued his several kinds of business successfully in th towns of Essex and Charlotte, VT, retiring with a good property in 1865 to reside with his son, theodore, in Williston VT
Sep 11, 2005 · posted to the surname Cady