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This is the new home of Maria & Warren Nelson.Their son Trevor is also in the picture.Maria is the daughter of Sophie Bouweraerts-Steubinger. Sophie Bouweraerts is the daughter of Louisa Dobbeleir-Bouweraerts.Louisa Dobbeleir is the sister of my father Frederick Dobbeleir.I (Shirley Dobbeleir -Dorchies) have found Maria after many years of asking questions and we are elated to have found her.I like to thank Ancient Faces for the opportunity to have this picture printed for all to see and find.
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My parents Frederick Dobbeleir and Rachel De Tollenaere lived in the Statiestraat in Stekene,Belgium.My fathers sister ,aunt Ernestine Dobbeleir -Smet lived in St-Niklaas ,Belgium and was visiting that afternoon.I have fond memories of that home.Lots of laughter and fun.
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These are the parents of my father Frederick Dobbeleir Maria, Louisa VanRaemdonck. Born:April 10th 1863 St-Niklaas Belgium Died:December 22 1933.
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This is our wedding picture. Raymond.G.Dorchies and Shirley.Dobbeleir
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