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About: My name is Stephanie Boudreau and I am researching my family tree from all different aspects. From my mother I have Champagne and Pineau. From my father I have Gallagher, Henrici, Henritcy, Ritcey. Also my hubands family which is Boudreau and LeBlanc

Researching: Henrici, Ritcey, Henritcy

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I found this photo in the Champagne family album
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Aunt Joan and Uncle Joe Gagnon with their niece Judy Champagne in Joan's sister Marie's living room.
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Gary Pineau's 9th Birthday with Dad Billy and other unknowns.
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This is Ernest and Florence's anniversary and is taken with their son Harry and his wife Elizabeth and their children David, Elaine, Kevin and Betty Anne and their son Walter with his wife and their children Alan, Caroline and Everett.
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