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Stkr Steffen Ponge-family ============ The Ponge family lived at the end of the 19th century in Altenbruch/Germany at the mouth of the river Elbe. Father: Carl Ernst Wilhelm Ponge, taylor, born 1853 in Lengerich, Westfalia, died 1920 in Altenbruch Mother: Anna Maria Grefe, shepherdess, born 1854 in Lüdingsworth, died after 1923 Germany Their wedding were 1883 in Altenbruch. The family had 10 Kids, 8 boys and 2 girls. *1885 Charles Louis Heinrich Ponge *1887 Friedrich Magnus Louis Ponge *appr.1888 Louise Ponge *1889 Johannes (John) Albert Ponge *1890 August Ponge *1891 Heinrich August Karl Ponge *appr.1892 Emile Ponge *1893 Wilhelm (William) Otto Gustav Ponge *1894 Eduard (Edward) Ponge *appr.1895 Martha Ponge John left Germany 1907 August followed 1913. William emigrated 1923 and Edward followed his Brother in the same year on another ship. Erdward came back to Germany in the 1950th. Martha Ponge married an shold left Germany with the Name Martha Lemke. She had 1 kid named Hanna.
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