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Families researching: Aimes, Dodd, Hadlock, Hathaway, Kirby, Trout, Whitehead

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SueNell Aimes For years my sister-in-law, Alice Aimes Golding, searched for the Jacob Aimes that was known to be a relation and had resided in New York City in the early 1800's. He was a brick wall that she longed to see fall. After she passed away I finally became interested in genealogy and thought I would give it try. Having the internet, of course, made all the difference for my search. I entered our family tree on and other websites hoping someone would recognize the name. Some time later I received an e-mail from Anne Brown, a trustee from the New York City Marble Cemetery,(an historic site) she sent information about a Jacob Aimes and his family that were buried there. With Mrs. Brown's interest we had suddenly located our long lost Patriarch. The help and interest of people in genealogy is phenomenal. We now have a long line of new relatives.
Jul 04, 2006 · posted to the surname Aimes
SueNell Aimes I was born in Oklahoma and though I've never been to Howe. It brings back memories of my home town. Thank you, Lois Hubbard for your picture. Sue Aimes
Dec 30, 2006 · posted to the photo Downtown Howe, Ok