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Susan Alexander Thanks so much for posting this. I'm looking for my uncle, Edward Thompson. He should be in this picture, but it might take me a while to find him.
Aug 03, 2015 · posted to the photo Herbert Lee Young, Army Air Corps
Susan Alexander I believe that's George Gordon Meade, General of the Army of the Potomac and the victor at the Battle of Gettysburg.
Susan Alexander Hi Bridget, Thanks for the note. The only connection that I can see is that my Lida Maybe (I don't actually know how she spelled it) probably lived in New Jersey. She married my grandfather's brother and they both lived in Newark, New Jersey for a while. Both brothers ended up living in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, which is just outside Philadelphia. I don't know exactly when they moved, but my dad was born in Nutley in 1921, so it was after that. That's not much of a connection. Still, I'm saving your post so that if I find anything further, I can let you know. Take care, Sue
Jun 01, 2013 · posted to the photo Dorothy Marie Maybee, Canada
Susan Alexander Charles Clinton Alexander III was born in Nutley, New Jersey on 14 DEC 1919. He passed away in Southampton, New Jersey on 23 JAN 2008.
Nov 15, 2012 · posted to the photo Charles Clinton Alexander III, World War Two
Susan Alexander My grandfather's brother, Charles Clinton Alexander, Jr. married Lida Maybey, OCT 19, 1885, I think this was in Ironton, Ohio, but I'm not sure. She passed away on SEP 30, 1966. I don't know where she died. Her husband died in Wynnewood, Montgomery County, PA. Vineline, N. J. is not too far from Wynnewood, which is a suburb of Philadelphia. Do you think that this is a relation to your Dorothy Marie Maybee? Susan Alexander
Aug 18, 2011 · posted to the photo Dorothy Marie Maybee, Canada
Susan Alexander Hi Julie, Where are your Harmons from? Mine are in Adams County, PA. I don't have much information on them, so I'm trying to find anyone who is in the same family tree.
Jun 25, 2010 · posted to the photo Unknown
Susan Alexander Oh my gosh, my dad was in the Sea Bees in the Aleutians during the war.
May 31, 2010 · posted to the photo Navy PBY Aircrew Aleutians WWII
Susan Alexander I am a descendent of Margarettha Maria Wolf who emigrated to the U. S. in the early 1800's. She was born in Rodalben, Timmes, Germany about 1814. She was married to Johannes Englebert in Gettysburg, PA., in 1834. Could she be a member of your Wolf family?
Apr 06, 2010 · posted to the photo Gartha E. Wolf