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About: My name is Susan Culberson. I am researching my maternal grandfather's family name, Stephens.

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Herrin Stephens He was a Marine.
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Picture taken a few months before Robert died. Robert Wheeler Stephens (b. Jan 17 1926-d. Jul 10 1990) Parents: Mose Stephens (1895-1932) & Clarice Oleta Brown-Stephens (1906-1945) Married first: Kathleen Margaret Gallagher Married second: Gail Marie Brown
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Daniel Monroe Stephens (b. Oct 4 1842) Parents: John Stephens (1811-1870) & Elizabeth Briggs (1812-1886) Daniel married Mary Anne Clark (1850-1920)
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Daniel Monroe Stephens (b. Oct 4 1842) Parents: John Stephens (1811-1870) & Elizabeth Briggs (1812-1886) Daniel married Mary Anne Clark (1850-1920)
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William Benjamin Gleaves (1740-1820) born in England - died in Cripple Creek, VA
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Portrait of Elizabeth Turk (1753-1840) Her parents: Thomas Turk Sr (1718-1809) & Mary Margaret Grove (1726-1766) Elizabeth married William Benjamin Gleaves (1740-1820)
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This photo was found in my mother's belongings after she passed away. If anyone recognizes this woman, please help me solve the mystery.
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Tim joined the Army, he came home after Basic Training to visit with family! I remember my mother telling me they had to order a special cot for him in basic because he was so tall. 6'7"
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Camping trip with family and friends. The couple from left to right may be Lewis & Jan Harper (not sure). The baby is Susan Kathleen Davis (Anita's daughter). From right to left is Timothy Michael Hunnicutt & Anita Louise Stephens-Hunnicutt.
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Jimmy and Unknown little boy at a birthday party in 1959. James L Waldrop Jr. (Anita Louise Stephens' son)
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Susan Culberson The wrong Arthur Stephens is tagged to this photo. The Arthur in this photo is ARTHUR STEPHENS (1905-1991).
Jan 21 · posted to the photo Christmas in Whitney TX
Susan Culberson The wrong James Stephens is tagged in this photo. The James in this photo is JAMES HENRY STEPHENS (1929-2011
Susan Culberson Darthula Catherine Shupe Dorthula Catherine Shupe, also found as Darthula or Darthela Cathran Shupe and other spelling variations, was born 27 December 1834, at Wythe County, Virginia. She was the eldest daughter of Andrew Jackson Shupe and Elizabeth Creager Shupe, both from Virginia. Dorthula's uncle James Wright Shupe (b. 1823) and her father (b. 1815) enlisted in the Mormon Battalion in 1846 as part of Captain James Brown's Company "C". Elizabeth Creager Shupe was left to live in a covered wagon with four small children, Dorthula, John, Rosanna and Brigham. During Andrew's absence Elizabeth was destitute on the prairie having to depend on her own labor for a living. Initially her in-laws, were living close by until their unfortunate deaths, Peter Shupe on September 15, 1846 and Sarah Wright Shupe a day later, on September 16, 1846. They rest together beside the Mormon trail near Council Bluff, Pottawattamie County, Iowa. The Pottawattamie County online webpage ( and ( state that Sarah Shupe the wife of James Wright Shupe, another account says Sarah Shupe is the wife of Andrew Jackson Shupe, accompanied him on the Mormon Battalion trek. After nearly two years Andrew returned to Winter Quarters where he was reunited with his family in 1848. Dorthula's family entered the Salt Lake Valley on September 30, 1852. They lived in Little Cottonwood then in 1855 moved to Ogden, Weber County, Utah with the four surviving children. Dorthula married Captain James Brown on 17 February 1856 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She gave her birth date as 1838 when she was sealed to James Brown. Shupe family records indicates it was 1834 [Page 2756 indicates 1838]. No children are known from this union. After the death of Captain James Brown on September 30, 1863, (3)Dorthula married James Otha Stephens, son of John Stephens and Elizabeth Briggs Stephens (and nephew of Martha Stephens Brown, first wife of Captain James Brown), as Otha's third wife. James Otha Stephens was born on 1 May 1834 in Chicago, Brown [Cook County], IL. He died on 8 July 1907 in Ogden, Weber, UT. He was buried on 11 July 1907 in Ogden, Weber, Utah. Marriages: (1)Mary Catherine Stubfield c. 1852 (2 sons) (2) Martha Ann Wilson on 2 March 1856 ( 3 sons), (3) Dorthula Catherine Shupe found written as "Dorthela Cathran Shupe".c. 1878 (no known children).
Apr 28, 2014 · posted to the person Darthula Stephens
Susan Culberson Remember Tisdale married Nicholas Stephens (1668-1747) in 1689. Her parents were John Tisdale Jr. (b. 1677) and Hannah Rogers (1640-1704).
Apr 28, 2014 · posted to the person Remember Tisdale Stephens
Susan Culberson I searched the database and found the parents for Lydia Briggs listed as Matthew Briggs (1676-1765) and Abigail Burt (1677-1752). The children of Matthew and Abigail are listed as: Elizabeth, Josiah, Matthew (1710-1763), Daniel (b. 1712), James (1716-1753) and Lydia (1716-1777).
Apr 28, 2014 · posted to the person Lydia (Briggs) Stephens
Susan Culberson Susan Culberson 4/29/2014 - A family member has identified this photo. This is Ziliah Campbell Stephens. She married Arthur M. Stephens on Jun 3, 1929.
Apr 28, 2014 · posted to the photo Ziliah Campbell Stephens
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