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About: The surnames that I am researching are Stout, Graham, Shannon, Moore, Moon, Williams, Ramey, Breese, Moody, Clark, and Sheward.

Researching: Stout, Shannon, Ramey, Breese

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This is a photo of my Grandmother Nellie Marie Stout Martin and her family visiting West Virginia about 1923. I believe it is Montgomery in Kanawha County because part of Montgomery is on the sign behind the people. My grandmother's home was in Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana and her father's name was John A. Stout. I am trying to figure out who these Stouts in West Virginia were and how they were related to my grandmother and great grandfather. Does anyone have Stouts from this area of West Virginia who would have had relatives there about 1923? I did find a family of Stouts close by in Charleston, WV. There was a Mary R. Stout living with daughter Mrs. W.J?. Mandt, and daughter Catherine B. Stout in the 1920 US Census. Do any of these names sound familiar? Thanks for any help, Susan E. Davis
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This is my great grandfather John Anderson Shannon (First from left, standing). I am trying to find out who his parents were or anything else about his family. He said he was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1875 and that he moved to Wayne County, Richmond, Indiana at some point in his childhood or as a young man. He said he was raised by his grandparents Wilhelmina Nieske Droste and Bernhardt Droste, both from Germany. He also said that he had a sister named Blanche Shannon who married Edward Faske and that had a daughter named Irene Faske. His Shannon and Nieske family seems to have lived in Cincinnati, Ohio and also in or around Newport, Kentucky. Does anyone have any information that might help me to find his family? I have a brick wall. The little boy, sitting in front with the dog, is Elmer Shannon, John Anderson Shannon's son. The man standing at the right in back is unidentified, but his last name may be Stolle.
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This is my grandfather Elbert Homer Ramey. I am looking for his parents and family. Elbert Homer or E.H. Ramey said he was born in Benham, Virginia near Bristol, Va. He also said that his father's name was Charles Ramey and that his mother's name was Martha Carter. He also said that he was orphaned as a young boy and raised by an uncle in Pike Co., Kentucky. E.H. had a half-brother named Melvin Oliver Ramey and a half-sister named Frances Victoria Ramey (Fanny). We know that E.H. Ramey fought in World War 1 and received a purple heart. He then married Dorothy Shannon and lived in Wayne Co., Indiana for many years where they had four children including my mother. Elbert Homer Ramey worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad for many years as a brakeman and as a conductor. He died in 1958 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Does anyone know who his parents or other family were or do they have any clues? I can't seem to connect him anywhere.
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This is a photo of my great grandfather John A. Stout. He was born about 1863, probably in Indiana. He was an orphan and I would like to find his parents and other family. He was raised from young boyhood by a couple named Elisha and Elizabeth Spencer in Wayne (Richmond, Indiana) and Randolph Co., Indiana. The Toneys/Spencers were from Preble County, Ohio and their parents were from Franklin Co., Virgina and PA. Many in the Toney family were from Boone Co., WV now Kanawha Co., Va. Stout was probably John A.'s birth surname, because he mentions an Aunt Jane Stout, Matt Stout, J.A. Stout, and a George Stout in a journal he wrote in in 1894. Does anyone recognize his photo or any of these names or places? I would love to find his Stout parents and family!
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