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A photo of Flying Officer Charles Rowland Williams, DFC
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A photo of Flight Lieutenant John Vere Hopgood, DFC and Bar
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A photo of Robert Norman George Barlow
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A photo of Philip Sidney Burgess
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A photo of Floyd Alvin Wile
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A photo of Henry Eric Maudslay
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A photo of Harvey Sterling Glinz
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A photo of Pilot Officer Samuel Leslie Whillis
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A photo of Alan Gillespie
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Susan Paxton So many of them never came home. I was very fortunate in that all of my uncles served, and all of them, amazingly, came home.
Apr 13, 2014 · posted to the photo Charles Rowland Williams
Susan Paxton Robert Norman George Barlow ("Norm") was born 22 April 1911 in Carlton, Victoria, Australia, the son of Alexander George Barlow and Frances May Hancock. In civilian life before World War II he was a mechanic and car salesman. He was married to Pauline Ralston and they had a daughter, Adrianne May, born in 1938. There was either a death or divorce, and in 1940 Norm married a woman named Audrey May, last name unknown; Adrianne was recorded as being raised by her maternal grandmother. Barlow served in the RAAF Reserve from 1929-1932, and rejoined in 1941, at which time he trained as a pilot in Australia and in Canada (according to his RAAF record, he had a civilian flying license at the time he reenlisted). His first combat assignment was to 61 Squadron, a Lancaster unit; during his service he was recommended for the Distinguished Flying Cross, which was gazetted only two days before his death. In March 1943 he joined 617 Squadron with a crew of other 61 Squadron veterans; on May 16, 1943, during the penetration of Germany at low level, his Lancaster flew into a high electricity pylon, exploded, and crashed. There were no survivors from the crew of 7.
Apr 13, 2014 · posted to the person Robert Norman George Barlow