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About: I'm searching for information about the following family names: Liell (from London) and Hemstead (from England and Canada).

Researching: Liell, Hemstead

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This is Henry Franklin Woster, called Jake by his family, when he was in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He was stationed in France, in Verdun.
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This is a group photo of the workers at the Clipper Shingle Mill. This mill was located in Clipper WA. Clipper was named after the mill. At the time of the photo, it says that the mill is located in "McDonald's Spur, WA". I assume that was before the town of Clipper was incorporated and/or named. James McDonald is the second from the left. If anyone can identify any of the others in this photo, it would be greatly appreciated!
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This was probably taken around the time of the wedding of Daniel Joseph McLennan and Leo Wilson McLennan.
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Taken in Toronto, Canada
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This is Alma Alice Elizabeth MacLennan when she was a teenager. When she was 20, she married Stanley Howe Woster, Sr.
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This is Emma Louise Hemstead as a teenager. This is taken in Toronto, Ontario, Canada or Buffalo, NY.
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Elizabeth Liell Hemstead and her grandson, Liell Stewart.
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