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This is my maternal gr-gr-grandmother. She was from Quebec, Canada. She was about 16 years old in this photo. I love her beautiful gown. She married Philip Fleckenstein and they lived in Newtown, N.Y.
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My Grandmother, Anna Supinska, she was born Apr. 28, 1911 in Brzeziny, Poland. Married to Franciszek Klepadlo
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My Dad, Leszek Klepadlo, Born in Brzeziny, Poland Feb. 20, 1937
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My Great Grand Aunt Irene Odell. She was born May 26, 1874 in Westchester County, NY. She was married to William Golding.
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This is my Great Grand Aunt Eva Odell. She was born in Westchester County, NY and married to Walter C. Rollins of Kentucky who was a well known Horse Trainer.
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