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This is my Great-Grandmother. On the right side with the white bow in her hair is Alma May Morrissett, her father, mother and siblings.
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Obit for Morrissett Richard G. Sr. Notice, he was preceded in death by his sister Alma. This would be my Great Grandmother. Alma May Morrissett. At her death her last name was King. She was married to William Jackson King.
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King Family: This is a military picture found in my grandfathers pictures. I believe this may be some our King family relatives. Notice the blue ink arrow. A relative maybe. Flag on left says Senath, Mo. Camp No. 255 WOW.
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James R. King, My Grandfather in his Miltary uniform.
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James R. King & Dorothy L. King (Clark). These are my Grandparents. From Michigan. 4 children born to them.
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My Great-Grandfather William Jackson King, and his 2nd Wife Great-Grandmother Lois King.
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Terry Riley I'm sorry about the bad picture.. I had to re-crop it..this is the correct photo.
Mar 07, 2010 · posted to the photo William Jackson King