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Grandpa Scalese & Tana Scalese - my dad and my daughter in 1972.
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Tom Scalese, Kyra Porter (granddaughter), Tana Scalese (daughter) @ Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado December 1, 2012...
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Dana McClannahan Fraker Scalese Estrada's 68 Barracuda parked in our driveway about late 1969 in Venice, California. House located at 2211 Prospect Ave., Venice, CA 90291. Dana drove this car from Denver to L.A. when she moved here. Tom Scalese
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Dana Marie McClanahan Fraker Scalese Estrada, at Christmas 2010 in Riverside, California, died June 10, 2012.
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Tom and Elizabeth Scalese: My mom and I in Santa Monica, California.
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Thomas J. Scalese Jr.'s 1st Christmas, in Shanghai, China in 1939.
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Elizabeth & Tom Scalese Sr. in Tsingtao 1939: My mother and father in Tsingtao, China (now spelled Qingdoa) probably 1939. They are the ones on your right in the picture, mom Elizabeth Marie Donahue Scalese and dad Ltjg Thomas J. Scalese (standing). Ester Zerambi to my mom's right. This was probably taken in Shanghai (not sure)...
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LTJG Thomas J. Scalese Sr.US Navy Retired, His brother Anthony Scalese of Haverhill, MAss., & Thomas J. Scalese Jr. Taken the day of the 1967 ALL Star baseball game at Angel Stadium. Final score 2 to 1 National League, 14 innings...
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This is the extended Scalese family in San Clemente, California. I believe we were getting ready to go to a memorial service for my mother Elizabeth M. Donahue Scalese.
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My mother and 5 of her brothers and sisters in Providence, Rhode Island in 1984. Pictured: John Donahue, Joseph Donahue, Francis "Frank" Donahue, Elizabeth Marie (Donahue) Scalese, Florence Margaret (Donahue) Mezzini, and Jesse Mae (Donahue) DiBattista.
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Tom Scalese Sorry, it was the 1967 All Star Game July 9, 1967...
May 24, 2012 · posted to the photo Thomas, Anthony, & Thomas (Jr) Scalese, CA
Tom Scalese I had to search the internet to find this picture. I found it on a German website as this area of China was German controlled for many years. The town is now spelled Qingdao instead of Tsingtao. Tom Scalese 5/4/12
May 04, 2012 · posted to the photo Faberkrankhaus Hospital, China
Tom Scalese Zapata is one of my heroes, a real man of his people...
Sep 21, 2011 · posted to the photo Zapata | Mexican Revolution