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About: I have been researching genealogy with my mother since 1994. She has been doing this since 1980. We have a great website that tells all about our families and us. Here are the names we are researching. Anspach, Chriss, Earlywine, Fleenor, Gauthier, Hook, Kellum, Longbrake, Ledrick, Ludrick, Luther, Madlung, Marpeau, McGinnis, Tetreault & Trout (as well as their variations). Hope to hear from you soon on one of these lines. Always willing to share what we have.

Researching: Luther, Fleenor, Gauthier, Mcginnis, Kellum, Anspach, Chriss, Criss, Earlywine, Hook, Longbrake, Ledrick, Ludrick, Mcguinness, Mcginness, Madlung, Madlong, Marpeau, Merpaw, Morpaw, Christ, Flenor, Flinner, Mag

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Benjamin Franklin Fleenor & Sarah Emeline Gross were married 27 March 1870 Little York, Washington County, Indiana. Benjamin was b. 11 September 1841 Lesterville, Washington County, Indiana & d. 30 May 1910 Crotherville, Grassey Fork Township, Jackson County, Indiana, and is the son of John Benjamin Fleenor & Louisa Bowman. Sarah was b. 24 December 1848 Washington County, Indiana & d. 2 February 1878 Tampico, Jackson County, Indiana. Visit our site to learn more about this family.
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Back of this photo reads: Joseph was 5 years old last July 1916 and James was 3 last December 1915 and this was taken in September 1916. By this I would take that Joseph the older boy is 5 years old in this photo and the little boy is 3&1/2 4 in just a couple months. No last names are listed.
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The back of this photo reads as follows: Mr. Sylva Seigenthaler RMD R. 2 De Graffi, O. #11. Champ Co. A-2 Lady Z Blue T.B. 30.00 1 free 2 copies then on the other side reads: C.R. Long 84 North Main St. Somerset, PA
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This is another photo we have and do not know who this couple is. They are a rather nice looking couple though.
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There is nothing written on the back of this photo postcard. But this gentleman is identicle to the gentlemen in two other pictures that I posted. One is under Robert the other is under Farmer.
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The back of this photo reads Pastor Rev. Farmer (Warmer/Narmer) Not sure of spelling. And Evangelist N/W. Robert. I have posted another picture of these gentlement under the surname Robert they are in different clothing
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This photo is of Pastor Rev. Warmer (Farmer/Narmer) and Evangelist N. Robert. Not sure of the first name as the letter could be one of 3.
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This is a large family photo with 18 people in it. We have no idea who this family is at all. Possibly Chriss, Earlywine, Longbrake or McGinnis
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Tonya Kellum Joann, very interesting. Can you tell more about this, whose grave stone is that, where would it be located? See our line. Tonya
Jan 30, 2003 · posted to the photo Ghost Gravestone