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Isabelle is related to my Great Grandmother Emily Verzani McConnell through the Verzani line. The man is her husband.
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The woman standing is a relative of my Great Grandmother Emily Verzani McConnell, the man is her husband and the other people are related to her
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Photo of Elmer and Lula Taylor Brockman with their grandson Kelly Bradham. Lula is related through the Verzani line.
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Photo of relatives related through the Verzani line -- daughter Sibby Brockman Bradham, father Elmer Brockman, mother Lula Taylor Brockman (Verzani cousin), granddaughters Patti Brockman and Mary Jane Kneen
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My mother says the third woman from the left in the print dress is her Grandmother Emily Verzani McConnell. We know that the other women and the little girl are related to Emily through the Verzani line.
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Whoever sent this to my Great Grandmother wrote "Bob, Vern's boy and his baby Frances. Edith made Frances' coat."
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Unknown User I have done some further checking o this photo and find an actual date on the back of 28 March 1948
Apr 06, 2003 · posted to the photo Bob and daughter Frances