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Unknown User My Grandma (by marriage) was named Mary Hattie Evelyn Christopher Columbus Addington (1883-1970) but we just called her Grandma Hattie. I never knew this sweet old lady to say a harsh word about anyone. She was married to Major Ross. (Major was a given name and not a rank.) I remember her telling me stories about her early days of marriage when she spoke of Saturday night get-togethers with the neighbors when they'd roll up the rug and have dances and about when they'd spend weeks in the mountains of Georgia where the men would cut lumber for the winters and the women would get together and visit and cook big meals, care for the children and share recipes etc. until the men quit for the day and came back to camp. She told about once when they had a fire in their home. She said she only had a few moments to rescue her most prized possesion...a brand new set of dishes. They were the only full set of dishes she'd ever owned at the time. When the fire threatened their kitchen, she gathered them all in her apron and ran outside. In her panic, she dropped them all on the ground once she was outside and, of course, they were all broken.
Sep 04, 2004 · posted to the surname Ross
Unknown User Wasn't it Bell and Howell, the famous photographic companyh?
Aug 21, 2004 · posted to the photo C.W.Howard
Unknown User Do you have twins in the family or among friends at that time? The two women sure do look alike and if they're not twins, they surely must be closely related.
Jul 31, 2004 · posted to the photo Who are we? 1
Unknown User What wonderful photos of WWI and especially being shown this Memorial Day weekend. I hope there are some soldiers familys who can identify their ancestors from that war.
May 30, 2004 · posted to the photo World War I - 83