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Row 1 (Left to Right):Evelyne (Leveque) Kidwell, Richard Barton Leavens, Josephine P (Kuykendall) Leveque, (On Lap) Shirley Ann (Leavens) Santana, Eugene Raymond Leavens, James Kuykendall, James Polk Knox Kuykendall (?), Albert Georges Henri Leveque, Unknown, Unknown Row 2 (Left to Right): Florence Mattie (Bateman) Leveque, Unknown, Unknown, Mary Blanche (Leveque) Leavens, the rest Unknown Row 3 (Left to Right): All Unknown Shirley, Eugene and Richard Leavens are the children of Mary Blanche (Leveque) Leavens and Frank Barton Leavens. Evelyn Leveque is the daughter of Florence Mattie (Bateman) Leveque and George Raymond Leveque. Blanche Leavens is the daughter of Josephine and Albert Leveque, Florence Leveque is their Daughter-in-law.
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Uncle Howard on leave prior to going overseas. This is before WWII (around 1933).
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1st Row: Eugene Leavens, Richard Leavens 2nd Row: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Wilhilmena Dober Conger, Unknown, Josephine Kuykendall Leveque, Shirley Ann Leavens Santana, Mary Blanche Leveque Leavens 3rd Row: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Albert George Henry Leveque 4th Row: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Frank Barton Leavens, Unknown
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Albert G. H. Leveque when he was about 1 1/2 years old
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Josephine Kuykendall Leveque, taken in 1898 on or about her wedding. Josephine was born 28 June 1872 and died 11 June 1951. She was the wife of Albert Georges Henri Leveque
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This Albert Georges Henri Leveque, (Albert George Henry Leveque), Born 18 Oct 1870, Died 26 June 1954. Taken on or about his wedding day in 1898. He was the husband of Josephine Kuykendall
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