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About: My Dad Wesley Lee Glover moved us out to california in 1958. He was born in Tennessee. I in Cinn. Ohio. I don't know much about my family so that is why I am trying to search for them. I love geneolgy. I am searching for Glover, Kennedy/Canady. Johnson, Sal, Powell, Anderson, Walton, Ferrell

Researching: Kennedy, Glover, Canada

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This photo was found in my dads army album along with pictures of his sisters and mom. I don't know who this is but it could be his older brother Robert Glover, but we are not sure.
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This is Julia Joiner Kenneda Glover in front, My Grandmother and my mother in back, Lettie Mae Powell
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I believe this is a school picture of my Aunt Martha Louise Glover 1 Sep 1925, Montgomery County TN - 3 April 1973, Cincinnati Ohio She died at age 47 in Longview State Hospital in Hamilton County Ohio. She died on the very month several years later, as her father Will W. Glover.
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This is the Obit that I got from Tennessee for my Grandfather Will W. Glover
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This is a picture of my dad Wesley Lee Glover. He was born in Tennessee around 1920-1921. His Father was Will W. Glover and his mother was Julia Kennedy or Canady? He had two brothers, Frank E. Glover and Robert J. Glover. His sisters were Maudie, Rosa, Gracie, Martha.
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This is a picture of my Dad, Wesley Lee Glover in WWII
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Vickie Glove-Phillips Kitty, I have seen this photo before, it could have been on ancestry or from memory! What more can you tell me about this Glover family? My grandfather was Will or Willie W. Glover b1872 or 1875 can't determine which date is correct, but he did in 1935 Tennessee
Sep 06, 2009 · posted to the photo Joseph D. Glover family
Vickie Glove-Phillips Where did your John William Glover come from and live? I have a John William (Cobb) nickname Glover that lived in Kentucky and Tennessee, my great grandfather
Sep 06, 2009 · posted to the photo John W. Glover family
Vickie Glove-Phillips Did she have a brother by the name of Will W. Glover? He lived in the Tennessee area. His father was John Glover
Apr 05, 2006 · posted to the photo Alma Glover Sloan
Vickie Glove-Phillips Wesley Lee Glover was born in Clarksville Tennesse on 4/30/1921. His parents were Will W. Glover and Julia Kennedy or Canady. Will was born 5/3/1872 In Montgomery County Tennessee. Julia was born in 1886 In Stewart County Tennessee. If anyone has further information about these Glover's please email me direct at
Jul 10, 2004 · posted to the photo WWII 7 Armored Division