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About: I am researching the families: Simmons, Grace, Wilhelm, Neumann, Dugan, Warren, Fenner, McCormack, McCormick, Mooneyham, Dickson, Dickerson, Statom, Statham, & Staton - in the regions of AR OH TN KY MA & NY

Researching: Dickerson, Grace, Simmons, Warren, Mccormack, Dickson, Wilhelm, Fenner, Statham, Staton, Mooneyham, Dugan, Statom, Neumann, McCormick

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This photo was thought to come from the album of Anna Wilhelm Neumann Buzzell Stenson...Looks like a group of teachers - none of the people look alike. Any help is appreciated!
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Thomas L Dickerson (Dickson) wife Fannie Mooneyham Dickson & son Asa Esco Dickson
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Alma Coffey Statom & her children
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Geroge A. Tucker & wife Catherine (Hineline) Tucker & their daughters: Elsie, Bess, Alpha & Elma(son Burton in the middle)
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Family of John Allen Grace & Wife Mary Elizabeth (Thomas) Grace
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