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About: Just starting out on this wild ride of searching for who I am and where I come from.

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Mary F. (Payton) Chapman. Born April 24, 1840 Worcester County, Maryland. Died October 8, 1913 Greenbackville, Virginia (Accomak County). Mary was the wife of Joshua A. Chapman. View his photo under surname CHAPMAN
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Joshua A. Chapman. Born 2/27/1837 in Worcester County, Maryland - Died 9-28-1897 in Greenbackville, Virginia (Accomak County) Husband to Mary F. (Payton) Chapman. View her photo under surname PAYTON.
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Rayburn, Lottie (Chapman) and Dorothy Richardson (the infant). ***At this time they were going by the last name of Kelly (Rayburn's foster parents) but later on changed back to Richardson, Rayburn's birth surname.*** This photo was taken on the family farm in Greenbackville, VA along the Eastern Shore.
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Olive LaRue Ottinger, went on to marry John McWilliams. Photo is believed to be taken in SE Pennsylvania during the early 1920's. Olive was the wife of John William Howard McWilliams and the mother to Darlington, Edward and John. Olive was born in 1908
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Laura Chapman. Photo taken at her family farm in Greenbackville, VA. Laura was the wife of Llyod Chapman and the mother of Lottie, Edna and Ethel Chapman.
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