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Historical photos that scare us or are so funny that they're scary!

Scientists say that they can't quantify what scares us - they only know that fear is individual. We can also say that it varies from decade to decade. These are photos from the past that gave our ancestors chills. But what are the top ten things people were scared of in 2017?

  • Corrupt Government Officials
  • Poor Heathcare
  • Pollution of Oceans, Rivers and Lakes
  • Pollution of Drinking Water
  • Not having enough money for the future
  • High medical bills
  • A third world war
  • Global Warming / Climate Change
  • North Korea using weapons of mass destruction
  • Air Pollution

These modern fears would not occur to our ancestors - they define the state of our minds currently and what is happening now in the world. But there are also human phobias that are carried through time such as heights; snakes; spiders; direct eye contact; public speaking; sudden movements, sounds, or suprises (think firecrackers and thunder and lightening); small spaces (claustrophobia); the sight of blood; being in the dark; flying; dying; and mice and rats. Then there are clowns, scary movies, amusement park rides, ghosts, ghost towns . . . the list goes on and on. These are spooky photos from the past - some will be scary to you, some will not. But all of them evoke a fear factor in some people.