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Henry Henly Isham 1851 - 1909

Henry Henly Isham of Texas was born on March 12, 1851 in Georgia United States to John Andrew Isham and Nancy Brewer. He married Delia Brown, and had a child Curtis Isham. Henry Isham died at age 58 years old on August 10, 1909 in Limestone County, TX, and was buried in Kirk.
Henry Henly Isham
March 12, 1851
Georgia, United States
August 10, 1909
Limestone County, Texas, United States
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Henry Henly Isham's History: 1851 - 1909

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  • 03/12


    March 12, 1851
    Georgia United States
  • Ethnicity & Family History

    His father John was born in Floyd, Georgia, USA in 1826 and his mother Nancy was born in Virginia, USA in 1833c.
  • Nationality & Locations

    Henry Isham was born in Georgia, USA and lived in Floyd, Georgia, USA. He also resided in Elbert, Georgia, USA and moved to Groesbeck, Limestone, Texas, USA in 1900.
  • Professional Career

    He worked as a farm laborer.
  • 08/10


    August 10, 1909
    Death date
    Cause of death
    Limestone County, Texas United States
    Death location
  • Gravesite & Burial

    Funeral date
    Kirk, Limestone County, Texas 76664, United States
    Burial location
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3 Memories, Stories & Photos about Henry

Henry Henley Isham was my Sons Great Great Grandfather. Henry was the father of 19 children by three wives. He first married Sarah Byram They had 13 Children. After her death he married Delia Brown (My Sons Great Grandmother) Delia gave Henry 5 more children. The youngest was Curtis Alton Isham ( My sons Great Grand Father) Delia died at the age of 26, just 2- 1/2 months after Curtis was born.
Henry then Married Mini Bean but died before their child Henry Adell was born.

The source for this information was calculated by piecing the timeline together according to the children's Births,. Marriage , and death dates as well as the locations found in
U.S. census records
Salem Cem. Tarrant Co. Texas
https://www. ( Names of children & date of births.)
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My Son is Travis Wayne Isham 1975
Henry Henly Isham born March 12, 1851 in Georgia. At the age of 17 he married Sarah J. Byram. She was also 17. They married in Hayward, Tennessee on Oct. 26, 1871 . They had 13 children which include three sets of twins.
Mary Josephine 1871,
George 1872,
Ella 1873,
Laura 1874 & John Andrew 1874, (twins)
Eldridge Booth 1879, & Robert 1879 (twins)
William Henly 1881
Pinkney Washington 1884,
Mini Irene 1886, & Sarah Tennessee 1886 (twins)
Arther 1888,
Nellie Jemima 1893
This would have been plenty for any other average family. But not Henry.
In 1894 Sarah passed away at the age of 43.

When Henry was 46 he married Delia Brown. She was only 16 but in those days that was not so unusual.
Delia gave Henry five more children.
Luther Walter 1898 ,Ernest Henly 1899, Roy Rosco 1900, , Melvin 1904 & Curtis Alton 1906
But in May 23, 1906 ,at the age of 26, Delia also passed away, her infant Son Curtis was only 2 1/2 months old. Melvin, a toddler of 2 , 4 yr. old Roy, Ernest 5, and Luther 6. What a tragic thing for a family to go through
Two years later Henry had one one last child with Mini Bean Henry Adell Isham born June 15, 1909
Henry Henly Died Aug. 10, 1909
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Henry Henly Isham
henry born April 1851
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