A photo of Hubert Grice "Bud" Hart, Jr.

Hubert Grice "Bud" Hart, Jr. 1928

Hubert Grice Hart Jr. was born on August 22, 1928. Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Hubert Grice "Bud" Hart, Jr..
Hubert Grice Hart Jr.
August 22, 1928
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Hubert Grice Hart Jr.'s History: 1928

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Wayman Family Reunion
Wayman Family Reunion
Summer 1929 Wayman Family Reunion - Group Photograph - identifications by Virgina Rose Wayman Hart; season & year established by the birthdate of the baby on Virginia Rose Wayman Hart's lap - it is her firstborn child, son Hubert "Bud" Grice Hart, Jr. b. 22 Aug 1928. Since the trees are in full leaf, the shade is dense and the clothing is lightweight and short sleeves, it must be summer, the baby is on Virginia's lap and appears to be about the age of 1.

Back Row - left to right

1. Florence Henderson Dodson, 3rd child of #9
2. Hubert Grice Hart, Sr., husband of #13
3. Evelyn Lewis Corman Falkenburg, oldest child of #9
4. Hubert Corman, husband of #3; WWI Vetern
5. George Lewis Brower, 6th child of #9, deceased at age 19
6. James Dean Crooke, 2nd child of #9
7. William (Billy) Beeler, son of #11 & #12
8. Herman Bartlett, husband of #21
9. Harriett Elizabeth Wayman Lewis Crooke Henderson Brower McBride, 2nd child of #18 & #20
10. Lewis Napoleon Brower, 4th husband of #9,; orphan brought from Ellis Island by Catholic Sisters to an upper New York area orphanage, ran away from foster home at an early age, no known background.
11. Nona Wayman Beeler, 4th child of #18 & #20 - DAR application in her notes
12. Frank Beeler, husband of #11

Middle Row, left to right

13. Virginia Rose Wayman Hart, 5th child of #9, wife of #2
14. child - Hubert (Buddy) Grice Hart, Jr.; son of #13 & #2
15. Edith (Dolly) Dyer Crooke, wife of #6
16. child - James Dean Crooke, son of #6 & #15
17. Elizabeth (Eliza) Wayman Milson, sister of #18
18. George Washington Wayman, reunion in his honor; Civil War Vetern
19. Gordon Wayman Bartlett, 3rd child of #21 & #8
20 Elizabeth Weiniger Wayman, wife of #18; reunion in her honor
21. Nelle (Nell) Wayman Bartlett, 3rd child of #18 & #20; died at age 101 in 1986, Brownstown, IN
22. Robert James Corman; child of #3 & #4; deceased in 1988
23. Opal Wayman Roemmel; 4th child of #18 & #20

Front Row - left to right

24. Guy Lewis Corman, child of #3 & #4
25. Alma Juanita Brower Cooper; 7th child of #9
26. Harriet Elizabeth Bartlett; 2nd child of #21 & #8; named for #9 - her aunt
27. Mary Elizabeth Brower; 8th child of #9; deceased age 9
28. Robert (Bobby) Beeler, son of #11 & #12
29. young girl, unrelated guest at reunion - unknown

Family NOT Pictured

30. Curtis Wayman, oldest child of #18 & #20
31. William Wayman, 5th child of #18 & #20
32. Lawrence Henderson, 4th child of #9; twin of #1
33. Lois Bartlett, oldest child of #21 & #8; never married
34. Frank Roemmel, husband of #23
35. Frances (Fritz) Roemmel, son of #23 & #34

People in photo include: Florence Henderson Dodson, Hubert Grice Hart, Sr., Evelyn Lewis Corman Falkenburg, Hubert Corman, George Lewis Brower, James Dean Crooke, William "Billy" Beeler, Herman Bartlett, Harriett Elizabeth Wayman Lewis Crooke Henderson Brower McBride, Lewis Napoleon Brower, Nona Wayman Beeler,, Frank Beeler, Virginia Rose Wayman Hart,, Edith (Dolly) Dyer Crooke, Elizabeth (Eliza) Wayman Milson, Gordon Wayman Bartlett, Nelle (Nell) Wayman Bartlett, Robert James Corman, Opal Wayman Roemmel, Guy Lewis Corman, Alma Juanita Brower Cooper, Harriet Elizabeth Bartlett, Mary Elizabeth Brower, Robert (Bobby) Beeler, Curtis Wayman, William Wayman, Lawrence Henderson, Lois Bartlett, Frank Roemmel, and . Frances (Fritz) Roemmel
Date & Place: at Seymour in Jackson, Indiana USA
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