A photo of Selma Henriette Louise (Damm) Behne

Selma Henriette Louise (Damm) Behne 1864 - 1941

Selma Henriette Louise (Damm) Behne of Coitsville, Mahoning County, OH was born in April 1864 at Königreich Preußen (Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire) in Germany, and had a brother Walter Damm. Selma was baptized in 1878 at Sachsen-Anhalt, Königreich Preußen (Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire). She was married to Otto Behne, and they were together until death separated them. She had a child William Otto Behne Sr.. Selma Behne died at age 76 years old on March 1, 1941 at Her son's house in Coitsville, and was buried on March 4, 1941 at Coitsville Cemetary in Coitsville.
Selma Henriette Louise (Damm) Behne
Selma Henriette Louise Schärffe (Damm)
Her son's house in Coitsville, Mahoning County, OH
April 1864
Königreich Preußen (Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire) in , Germany
March 1, 1941
Her son's house in Coitsville, Mahoning County, OH
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Selma Henriette Louise (Damm) Behne's History: 1864 - 1941

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  • Introduction

    Immigrated from Germany at the age of 28. Destination: New York Transit and travel compartment: Staying In The Usa [transit]; Cabin Passenger [travel] Manifest#: 42583 Location of last residence: Magdeburg
  • 04/dd


    April 1864
    Königreich Preußen (Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire) in Germany
  • Nationality & Locations

  • 1878


    Baptism date
    Sachsen-Anhalt, Königreich Preußen (Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire)
    Place of worship
  • Religious Beliefs

    Evangelical (Lutheran)
  • Professional Career

  • 03/1


    March 1, 1941
    Death date
    Angina pectoris
    Cause of death
    Her son's house in Coitsville, Mahoning County, OH
    Death location
  • 03/4

    Gravesite & Burial

    March 4, 1941
    Funeral date
    Coitsville Cemetary in Coitsville, Mahoning County, OH
    Burial location
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Selma Behne
Selma Behne
A photo of Selma Behne
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Born in Germany in 1864, this is a woman who knew fashion!
David Maroney
via Facebook
Living in Colorado, that’s a coat design I appreciate
Born in April 1864 - Kingdom of Prussia
Died 1 March 1941 (Saturday) - Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio
Buried 4 March 1941 (Tuesday) - Coitsville Cemetary, Coitsville, Mahoning County, Ohio
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Did you know?
In 1864, in the year that Selma Henriette Louise (Damm) Behne was born, on April 22nd, the Coinage Act of 1864 was passed by Congress. It mandated that "In God We Trust" was to be placed on all United States coins and created a 2 cent coin. Later - in 1956 - "In God We Trust" replaced "E Pluribus Unum" - which means out of many, one - as the national motto.
Did you know?
In 1903, Selma was 39 years old when the United States Department of Commerce and Labor was created by President Theodore Roosevelt to control the excesses of big business. Renamed the Department of Commerce 10 years later, many departments concerned with workers were transferred to the Department of Labor at that time. Another spin-off, the Bureau of Corporations, became the Federal Trade Commission.

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Selma Henriette Louise (Damm) Behne

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My father's side is full blood Sicilian and my mother's side is a combination of Welsh, Scottish, German and a few other European cultures. One of my more colorful (ahem black sheep) family members came over on the Mayflower. He was among the first to be hanged in the New World for a criminal offense he made while onboard the ship.
Source(s): National Archives: German Immigration Manifests: 1850 - 1897
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