Adams line of Florence, SC

Charles O'Connor shared a photo
on Nov 12, 2014 9:06 AM
I believe this lady is a part of my Adams line of Florence, SC. The family consists of my gg uncles Adger Loyd Adams, James Conrad, Rosa Lee, Leitha (Letha) Florence Alberta (She married a "Mixon), and my gg grandfather King Junious Adams. There parents are, obviously, my ggg grandparents---Samuel J. Adams and Carolyn E. King. These, in a set, were found in my g grandmother's closet after my step-grandfather passed away. Nearly every is unidentifiable. If anyone can help me please contact me. I'm the last of my bloodline who might possibly have these photos. I don't know if any other offspring knows or cares. I can't find any help on [external link]. Any photos put up are due to my efforts. Again, if you can help me in anyway I'd be in your debt. Email me and I'll give you all the info needed.
Date & Place: Unknown

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