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Updated Jun 25, 2022


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My Adams family is related to Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

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The average age of a Adams family member is 69.9 years old according to our database of 163,454 people with the last name Adams that have a birth and death date listed.


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Laura Harper-Hurst commented on Dec 01, 2002
Born Myrtle Mary Thomas, Jan. 7, 1892 in Missouri (d. 5-15-1949 Sacto., CA) (Her mother was Sara Townsend b. abt 1870 and her father was _____Thomas) Myrtle had two sisters and two brothers. 1. Alfred Thomas 2. Albert Thomas 3. sister (name unknown) 4. sister (name unknown) The story goes like this: She was in love with a young man named Samuel Adams, but they never married. She later married a man named ____Russell, and had a baby (but Samuel Adams was the father) shortly after her marriage to Mr. Russell. She gave the baby the last name of Russell (after her now husband). The baby was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas August 31, 1912 and his name William Theodore Russell. He later had 12 childred and two marriages. Myrtle Mary (a couple yrs. later) married a Pete Smith. Pete had four children (3 daughters and one son?) from a previous marriage. Children's names (only two known, Laura Smith and Truman Smith). Myrtle Mary and Pete Smith had a daughter Lenore. Lenore married very young and died because of pregnancy complications. She is burried on Whidbey Island (Washington, near Seattle). Although we never found William T. Russell's birth father (or any of his step sisters or brothers), his first wife and his mother were very close. She told the children and her daughter-in-law this story. William T. Russell "Ted" married Elsie Marie Ducan(when they were both very young)They had 7 children: Their first child was born in 1934. 1. William T. Russell Jr. b. 1934 2. Jeanine Russell b.1936 d. 1960 3. Terry Russell b.1938 4. Tom Russell b.1940 5. Judy Russell b.1944 6. Dennis Russell b.1945 d.1975 7. Tim Russell b.1947 d. 1966 William T. Russell became restless and went to California to be near his mother. He left his wife and kids behind and just moved on in 1948. Elsie Marie passed away in 1996. She lived most of her days in Kenniwick, WA. In 1949 Myrtle Mary Died and William T.Russell (now "Russ") was living in California (left his wife and children). In 1951 he met Etta May (Roberts) Harper. She was alone and pregnant and working in a tomatoe field. Her husband had abandoned her and their five children to fend for themselves. Etta had five small children and one on the way and was alone now. (Chess L Harper (her astranged husband) was a restless WWII victum and just could not stay home. Etta had 6 children by him. One was me. Russ and Etta were married in 1954 in CA Etta and "Russ" had five children: 1. Gregory Alan Russell 2. David William Russell 3. Linda Carol Russell 4. Mary Etta Russell 5. Penny Deane Russell *I am told that William T. Russell was married three times: The first time he had to have been a teenager, because he had a wife and three children before he married Marie Ducan. However, his third marriage to Etta, lasted 26 years (until his death in 1980). This family (RUSSELL) branch has always been a BIG mystery for us to solve. If you know anything about this family please e-mail me. Etta has 11 children (all living and well). She is happily married now and lives near the Pacific Ocean. See Mystery photo under Russell: "Where's My Grandpa?"
Bertha Norberg commented on May 15, 2007
My gggg grandfather was James Adams of County Derry Northern Ireland. His wife was Nannie Smith.James and Nannie had two sons-that we know of.Robert married Betty Culton and they had a son James b. 1796 d. 1877. James married Matilda(Matty) Millar and they had six children. Their daughter Mary born in 1832 was my great-grandmother.She married my ggrandfather Robert Morrison and they had sons Robert James Adams, Matilda Millar, and John (my grandfather)and a nother daughter Sarah Ellen.After Robert Sr. died Mary married Robt. Ferguson who had two children. In 1873 the combined families came to Aylwin, Quebec. Mary died in 1885, only twelve years after coming to Canada.There are many descendants, and once in a while we "find" someone else. My grandfather John Morrison married Mary McConnell, daughter of William and Sarah McConnell. William actually came from the same part of Ireland as the Morrisons and Adams Wm.'s first wife was another Mary Adams and most likely was related to the Mary who married Robert Morrison! What a puzzle to sort out.!
Phyllis Woltermann commented on Apr 05, 2010
Researching our family "roots" dug up information that is confusing as well as shocking. My ggrandfather, Thomas Jefferson Adams, was tried for murder in Kenton County, Kentucky at the Courthouse in Independence. At his second trial, he was acquitted. This was in 1890, the death of Mr. Steers having occurred probably 17 May 1890, in the store owned by his deceased father, William. A Ky Paper states that he was tried and the jury could not agree and he was retried and acquitted on a self defense defense. He was represented at the second trial at least, according to the Paper, by Senator Goebel and Colonel Weden O'Neal. Senator Goebel later became the governor of Kentucky and was assassinated in 1900. Colonel Weden O'Neal was a decorated Civil War Veteran. Our side of the family believed it was an accident, but it was rumored in other branches that it was over "a woman". Other than a small article in the paper and the death certificate of Mr. Steers stating he was accidentally shot, I have found nothing about the circumstances of the shooting.
Charles O'Connor commented on Nov 12, 2014
The earliest Adams I can trace from was James H. Adams. He was born sometime in 1820 in the Darlington area of SC. He married a Marry Ann Wright. His death occurred sometime around 1904 in the Darlington, Ebenezer area of SC. His children included Samuel J. Adams, John Walter Adams, Mary W. Adams, and William C. Adams. Samuel J. Adams is my ggg grandfather. He was born in 21 July 1846 in South Carolina and died 10 October 1914 in Darlington County, South Carolina. He married a Carolyn Ellen King and had 7 children: Adger Lloyd Adams, King Junious Adams, James Conrad Adams, Rosa Lee Adams, Letha Adams, Florence Alberta Adams, and Bella Adams. King J. Adams is my gg grandfather. He was born on October 20th, 1884 and died January 28, 1961, He married a Mamie Mangum and their daughter was Alice Bernice Adams. She, my g grandmother, married a Thomas Lennie Rowe. They had 2 children Audrey H. Rowe and Maurine Rowe. Audrey H. Rowe is my grandmother. She married Charles Dilke O'Connor Sr. and lived in VA. They had my father Charles D. O'Connor Jr. Charles Jr. married my mom and had me. We live in VA. King is buried in SC, Samuel J. Adams is buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Florence, SC (along with James Adams, Rosa, Letha, and Florence) I've posted pictures of King, Mamie, and Bernice on my page. Other pictures are of, what I believe to be, Adger, James, Rosa, Letha, and Florence. However, I'm not sure. Any help will be appreciated.
Caroline Wollard-McCasland commented on Apr 06, 2015
My husband's Paternal Grandmother was born Rosa Angeline Adams, in Brownbranch Mo. In 1895. Her father was Issac Franklin Adams, and his wife was born Fannie Mae Palmer.
Katherine Jerman commented on Apr 07, 2015
Hello, nice to meet another cousin
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