Albert and Mabel Pazcoch

Updated Aug 05, 2015

A photo of Albert Wilhelm Paczoch and Mabel Edith Pazcoch

Taken: in San Francisco, California United States

People in This Photo

Mabel Edith (Cole) Paczoch Dawson
Aug 28, 1892 - Dec 11, 1978
Albany, CA

Comment on Albert and Mabel Pazcoch

AncientFaces Such a happy couple!
Aug 05, 2015 · Reply
Julie Vallance I am 39 and I was raised that way. When I was married we had agreed that was a good solution and I rather enjoy staying home with my babies.
Feb 27, 2016 · Reply
They were dancing in this picture, or at least posed as if they were!
Nov 02, 2015 · Reply
San Francisco, CA in 1908.
Jun 29, 2015 · Reply


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