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Tutt Alford was born in Mer Rouge, in 1861 to his enslaved mother, Mary Dunmore and Warren Alford, a large slave holder and planter. Mary Dunmore was the granddaughter of Lawrence Dunmore, an enslaved black man who arrived in the Mer Rouge area in the early 1800's with James Barlow, who freed Lawrence in 1826, and Doly, an enlaved woman purchased and brought to the area in 1800 from New Orleans by Abraham Morehouse. Tutt was a well known hunter who worked with Ben Lilly. Tutt died in Mer Rouge in 1932.

Clementine Brown was the daughter of Melinda Jones, an enslaved woman and Washington F. Brown, a slave holder. Not much has been discovered about Melinda, who was probably born in Mississippi. Clementine's father, Wash Brown, was born in Mississippi circa 1818 to Elijah and Sarah Kennison Brown. Clementine was born abt 1863 and died in 1900.

Tom Alford was born on July 23, 1891 in Mer Rouge, on the Alford farm "in the Bend". He lived his entire life on the Alford Place, except for a few years spent on the Clementine Brown Estate on the Bonne Idee in Mer Rouge. Tom was married to Eleanor Shiloh (nee Roi) in 1914. He died in Mer Rouge on June 2, 1966, at his home in Mer Rouge
in Mer Rouge, Morehouse, LA USA


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