Barker Sapp & Barker 'Bart' Sapp Jr 1927

My maternal Grandfather Barker Hunter Cline Sapp 1893-1960, pitching to my Uncle Barker (Bart) Jr. 1922-?
The man on the right is identified only as Howard..most likely a neighbour in one of the other the rental cabins. Summer in the Poconos
Date & Place: in Delaware Water Gap / Monroe Co., Pennsylvania USA
None / Unknown


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Arba Morrow
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Kathy Pinna
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that's so cool - is your uncle batting with a stick? i bet a lot of people remember this kind of summer vacation!
Aug 22, 2011 · Reply
Steve Baity
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I am happy to report that Barker Hunter "Bart" Sapp, Jr is alive and well and living in Charlotte NC with my mother -in-law. he is 91 years old, still driving, and caring for his "sweetie". I would be glad to share other info with anyone about Bart.
Oct 25, 2012 · Reply
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