Bridges and Miller Family

I would like to know who all these people are. These are the people I know in this photo. The man in the back row far right is my grandfather, Thomas Whitten Bridges. The man in the back row second from left is probably John McFerrin Bridges, who is Thomas' brother. The woman in white second from the left in the front row is Dovie (Dove) Bridges Miller, who is Thomas' sister. The man in the front row second from the right is Dovie's husband Elliot Frank Miller. This photo was probably taken before Thomas was married, I'm guessing around 1905. Dovie and Frank lived in McKenzie Tennessee so I'm guessing that's where this was taken.
Date & Place: in McKenzie, Tennessee United States
1868 - Feb 18, 1956
Jan 19, 1882 - Jul 15, 1974
May 29, 1888 - August 1986
May 30, 1884 - Sep 10, 1967
Updated Sep 14, 2020

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