Britta Mathilda Goransdotter's son - please help!

This is my Great Grandfather, the son of Britta Mathilda Goransdotter. Swedish military on or about 1908. Does anyone recognize him?

My Great Grandmother, Britta Mathilda Goransdotter gave birth to my Grandfather out of wedlock in March of 1909. So would have known this man around June/July 1908!

She gave my Grandfather this photo and told him: this is your father.

I would love to solve this for my mother!
Date & Place: in Vasternorrland Sweden
None / Unknown


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Nadine Baker
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The relationships above aren't quite right and I can't edit it. This is my grandfather's father (not Britta's son) - the man who my Great-Grandmother Britta Mathilda Goransdotter was dating when she became pregnant with my grandfather. We don't know what happened but they never married and Britta married Johan Erickson and they emigrated to Canada in 1912.
Oct 01, 2014 · Reply
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