Callie Ballard, Ben, and Mary January

A photo of Callie Ballard, Ben, and Mary January. This is one of the photos that gives me a small amount of information and hope it will help, but this is Callie Ballard, and on the back side of photo, Lui Lugo is listed as Ben on some of the other photos, maybe they called him Lui, sigh.. wish I knew for sure. And Mary Ballard January, is Callie's sister. Taken in 1959. Sent to my grandma Nancy Hargis Haight

I would love for someone to help me clear up who is who... on some photos Lui here is called Ben, then I have one with Callie, Louie and their daughter Marie, so is this Lui Marie's father, and and.. any help would be appreciated. Also Mary is married to William A. January, and Mary and Callie as far as I can find out, hope correctly, are daughters of Anna Margaretta Ballard and William Whitney Ballard.
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Updated Dec 19, 2016

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