Callie Ballard & Jim

A photo of "Jim and Me, Fishing". From the other photos, I think this was taken in August of 1921. Callie Ballard (Caroline Ballard) and this may be either Callie's son Jim or husband Jim, I am leaning more and more towards him being her husband, and possibly James L. Gill, but maybe called Louie.. all I have to go by are some photos and the information on the backs of them, it is a huge puzzle.

HOPING, someone will identify Jim some day, or can fill me in on some information about Callie Ballard and if I have her lined up with her parents correctly.. a lot that I originally thought about the photos has turned out to pose more questions now.. like Jim ... whether he was her husband or son. she did have a son Jimmy, but from what I am finding I think he was not born until 1923, so this could not be him. HELP?
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Updated Dec 19, 2016

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